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Del Salto® is a trade mark of a family venture that makes tropical jams, jellies, marmalades, hot sauces, chunky sauces, sweet sour sauces, relishes and chutney. Our products are gluten free and 100% pure which means they are made with natural ingredients. All of our ingredients are produced by small farmers here in Guanacaste. We believe in buying from our neighbors and support local farmers. Our recipes are based on the Tico cuisine---the taste of tropical Costa Rica.

We are located 10 kms south of the capital of the province of Guanacaste, Liberia Costa Rica, on the Highway One(Pan-American Highway) near the El Salto river, hence the name "Del Salto" (from El Salto). The water fall on the label is a painting of one of the falls on the El Salto river.

Del Salto has been in the local market since 1998. Del Salto is a registered trademark in USA as well as in CR. 

Our products are made in small quantities to insure high quality. Our factory was planned with the norms of ISO 22000 which we practice in the manufacturing of our products. The fruits and vegetables are washed and selected by hand, and only perfect fruits and vegetables go into our pots. All of our recipes are original, but we often used traditional recipes of Costa Rica as a guide.

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