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Habaneros chilies are used in two of our sauces (Vieja Brava y Pica Pica. Our hot sauces are right from the Costarican´s past. It used to be that all the tables in CR had a "Chilero". The chilero had onions, garlic and hot chilies in natural vinegar(sometimes they added carrots).

We followed that tradition and chopped the onions, chilies, and garlic and cook them in sugar cane vinegar. Pica Pica is in a 9 oz. jar which is spicier than the Hot Chunky Pepper Salsa (Chilero Picante) which is milder because of the sweet carrot (9 oz. jar).

The third chunky style salsa(Viejo Manzo) is made from mild jalapeños cooked with onions in sugar cane vinegar, this is our mildest sauce. 

Chilero Picante "Viejo Manzo" - Tico Style Hot Chunky Jalapeño - 9oz

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